About Us

NauticalBits came to mind after an exciting and challenging weekend sailing up the east coast of England. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a website that shared the nitty gritty of sailing including comprehensive unbiased kit reviews; shared local knowledge around the world like best eateries, mobile sand bank locations, sailing hazards etc and be a place where sailing knowledge can be found easily.

We will be posting articles on our blog from all around the globe covering equipment guides, maintenance, product reviews along with pictures of all sorts of boats from dinghies to super yachts, useful sailing tips and guides and lots and lots of stories.

We will be sharing insights from other sources, social media and other web-based sources in our mission to bring together sailing knowledge.

But most of all we need the input from the sailing community sharing their knowledge, experience and most of all their passion.  

That was the original thinking and this place is where we believe those answers can be found. Nautical bits will we hope grow to be the place where sailors look first with their questions and add their knowledge so the rest of us will benefit.

Dave – Skipper of NickyNoo

Michael – Skipper of Silly Goose